The bride’s Solah Shringar is incomplete without a mehndi pattern on her hands. Mehendi is one of the thousands of Indian rituals that thrills both the bride and the guests. In India, mehndi is used for more than just weddings; it’s also popular at Karvachaut, Teeja, and other festivities. Mehendi and mehndi artists are in high demand at certain seasons of the year.

With all of the social media hoopla and cameras that capture everything in detail, we need to pick our Mehendi artists wisely, thus Malgudi Studio handpicked these expert Mehendi artists from all over Patna that will work their magic on your hands and leave the beholder confused. We have the best Mehendi artist in Patna.

Your hunt for the best mehndi artist in Patna may come to an end with Malgudi studio. If you’re on a the budget but yet want a creative mehndi on your hand, Malgudi Studio is the destination to connect.  Every bride, as well as her family members, aspires to wear a beautiful mehendi design for their wedding festivities. The Malgudi events and Decors team helps you select the greatest and most artistic mehendi artists, who are professionally experienced in their work, to help you wear the most elaborate of all designs and flaunt it!


Fun, frolic, dance, laughing, and, of course, Mehndi are all staples of Indian weddings. The Mehndi Ceremony is one of the most essential and enjoyable ceremonies in Indian weddings. A relative or family member applies mehndi to the bride’s hands and feet during this pre-wedding rite. This ceremony includes close friends, relatives, and family members, making it an event full of laughing, happiness, and love.

However, mehndi is not exclusively used during Indian marriages. Mehndi has evolved into a fashion statement, with ladies flaunting gorgeous mehndi designs at all times. Indian ladies today have a broad choice of styles and patterns to choose from, ranging from exquisite Arabic and Rajasthani patterns to spectacular wedding mehndi designs.

Many brilliant and professional Mehndi and Henna artists may be found in Patna. Selecting the best from a pool of extremely gifted artists, on the other hand, can be a difficult undertaking. Malgudi studio exists to make your job easier. Malgudi Studio could be the answer to your search for the best mehndi artist in Patna. Malgudi artists have it all: talent, skill, social standing, and experience. This list includes something for everyone, from artists producing mehndi for celebrities to designers coming to your home and providing a personalized service.


Malgudi studio Artist is a master mehndi artist and designer who creates magnificent henna designs in India.

Malgudi studio Mehandi Artist specializes in Mehandi designs in india. He is an expert in this field thanks to his more than ten years of expertise. In traditional henna designs, he and his colleagues create magnificent contemporary and unique patterns. They specialise in all types of wedding mehndi designs, including the popular Radha-Krishan figurines, dhol, palki, shehnai, and more. You can also request miniature bride and groom designs. Malgudi studio provide services for weddings as well as festivals such as Karwachauth, Rakshabandhan, and others.

Mehndi is the most popular form of skin adornment since it is gentle on the skin. Although Mehandi is traditionally applied to the palms and feet, modern women are experimenting with Mehandi tattoos on the nape of the neck and arms.

Mehandi’s after-color commonly varies from cherry-red to brown, depending on how long the paste is left on the skin. For a smoother texture, increased smell, or to assist darken the colour, coffee, lemon, tea, and essential oils are occasionally added. Originally employed solely to enhance the appearance of brides, the traditional art of beauty is now practised by all women.

Find the taste of exquisite wedding mehndi designs at Malgudi studio, the top bridal mehndi artist, and the dark colour generated will be a pleasure to the eyes. We believe in providing only the best service to our clients in India and around the world.


The traditional Mehndi is one of the most essential aspects of a bride’s preparation. As important as choosing a Henna artist for your wedding, choosing the best one for a fun and exciting Mehndi ceremony with your family and friends is equally important. Mehndi parties are a lot of fun! The bridal mehndi is also regarded as the most religious ceremony of the wedding celebration.

But, in addition to all the fun and excitement, you’ll need to find a mehndi wallah to complete the look. Someone who is patient and understands your preferences… after all, it takes a long time! But don’t worry, Malgudi studio is here to help. With over 25 years of expertise as mehndi designers in Patna our trained artists know what they’re doing. Not only do we have extensive experience with a wide range of Mehndi techniques, but we also pay close attention to the quality of the Mehndi we use and adjust it to the client’s skin type for that rich Mehndi colour that every bride desires.

Malgudi studio will turn your ideas into beautiful designs on your skin that are deep and rich in colour, making you look like the most beautiful bride on your wedding day. We have a variety of designs to pick from, and you can even have it customised to your specifications and style preferences. We can even travel to remote locations to provide their services and ensure that you always look stunning.

Our artists know how to make the bride joyful and make the celebration lively, from Arabic Mehndi designs to contemporary forms. We not only offer one-of-a-kind Mehndi designs, but the artist is also skilled in a variety of regional traditional themes, including Bombay Style, Marwari Style, Kolkata Style, Arabic Style, and Rajasthani Style. Aside from regional styles, we also offer a great mix of modern and traditional styles such as Colorful Style, Glitter Style, Engagement Style, Zardosi Style, and Bridal Style. Our artists work in all areas of Mehndi art, from unique hand Mehndi to leg Mehndi patterns.

  • Arabic Design
  • Bridal design
  • Bombay cut design
  • Rajasthani design
  • Marwadi design
  • Traditional design
  • Floral design


Malgudi studio is a group of expert mehndi artists situated in all over Patna who can provide you with beautiful henna patterns since they specialize in producing beautiful designs and using natural mehndi. The bride, as well as all the ladies of the house, is adorned with beautiful mehndi designs and patterns on their hands and feet as a symbol of well wishes and auspiciousness for the bride as she embarks on her new adventure.

On top we have Malgudi studio for a reason, We have won several awards for her intricate designs. We do not follow the herd blindly; Malgudi is known to create new styles of self own. We provide exceptional designs to their customers that hit the right string with them. Just another usual Mehendi art or an intricate bridal Mehendi design, go to malgudi, and you shall not be disappointed.