India’s unique culture, traditions, and rituals are well-known. Like every country, India has its unique wedding traditions, which is why the phera ritual, which is administered by a Wedding Pandit, plays such an essential role in Indian marriages.

In Indian weddings, saat pheras are held, and during these pheras, the spouses exchange saat vachans, or pledges. Pandits tie the knots of the partners, which is also known as gathjora, and then execute the sacred pheras ceremony. The bride and groom saat pheras around the agni, or seven circuits around the fire, which concludes the wedding ceremony and confers the status of husband and wife on the couple, according to Indian tradition. If you are looking for a Pandit for any ceremonial occasion in Patna, the Malgudi Studio will arrange best Pandits in Patna for you to complete the occasion.    

Pandits in India usually set the wedding date, and the dates are set throughout the saava season. According to Indian custom, when a couple ties the knot, all the Gods rejoice, and the pair receives the Gods’ blessings. Pundits also determine the timing of the wedding pheras, known as the mahurat, or auspicious time for the pheras to take place. Pandits also chant hymns from the Rig Veda, Hinduism’s earliest scriptures, during the phera ceremony. Chanting these ancient scriptures demonstrates how valuable and priceless these times are in India.


Now you know why the wedding pandit is almost as essential as the bride and groom in an Indian wedding.

In India, a wedding requires three items: the bride, the groom, and Pandit Ji. The wedding rituals are completed by a dignified priest known as a Pandit or Purohit. Pandit is a Hindu scholar who has studied Sanskrit as well as Hindu philosophy and religion, and is often a practicing priest. He is in charge of carrying out all of the rights at the wedding ceremony because he is the most responsible and pure spirit. A guy who understands the rites can only finish them in the correct order, which is why everyone requires a Pandit Ji to complete the wedding ceremony.

Your hunt for the best Pandit in Patna may come to an end with Malgudi studio. We will arrange for a wedding Pandit to perform all of the.ceremony’s protocols flawlessly for your wedding. We would find Pandit Ji according to your caste and creed just so that the ceremonial activities and rituals of the wedding could be allowed according to your customs and traditions. Even if it is a destination wedding, you will not have to worry about anything because we will take care of everything for you.

Everything will go smoothly during your wedding ceremony since malgudi studio will arrange for a dignified wedding Pandit Ji to oversee the complete rites and traditions of the event. With the blessings of Pandit Ji, take the first step toward a happily married life. When our Pandit Ji recites the Shlokas at your wedding, everything will go smoothly.


If you want a skilled, professional, and knowledgeable pandit for your Hindu wedding in India, head to Malgudi studio.”Please get in touch with us..

The following is the list of marriage rituals are provided by Malgudi Studio.

  1. Swagat & Introduction
  2. Kanya agaman
  3. Madhupak
  4. Jai mala
  5. Saptapadi
  6. Magal phere
  7. Sindhoor daan
  8. Aashirvad and shantipath
  9. Paani grahan
  10. Shila rohan
  11. Kanya daan
  12. Thread ceremony and yagna
  13. Akhand subhagyavati


What Languages do the Pandits Speak?

The rituals are often performed in Sanskrit. However, Pandits will translate this into Hindi. But Malgudi Studio makes sure your Pandit is comfortable in the regional language.

Are they professional?

Although it may appear absurd, you are still paying for a service. Many  pandits are direct and to the point, like an uncle, while others have business cards. We make sure your pandit enjoys his job and inquires about how you met, what you both do, and is generally eager in making this more than simply a ceremonial affair. Yes, you are free to interview your Pandit; it is still a business! It’s an extended family member, but proceeds with caution; perhaps your parents can manage it better.

Do they have sense of Humor?

People will be laughing, cameras will be everywhere, and you may be hungover…but one thing that really brings a Hindu wedding ceremony to life is a pandit who knows how to keep the mood light. Some pandits make jokes about how you have to look after her for the rest of your life. .Malgudi studio makes sure We will give you a humorous pundit for your big day.

Do they provide various services?

Traditionally, Indian marriages lasted six hours, but modern weddings can be completed in just 60 minutes. But Malgudi studio Make sure your Pandit can accommodate these offerings so that your program doesn’t go behind schedule while still performing all of the necessary ceremonies. studio Talk to them about it, make a plan, and enjoy your life together!

What gear do they bring?

This sounds silly, but Malgudi Studio make sure your pandit will need all the stuff for the ceremony and ideally not expect you to have it all. This could include: Religious idols like Ganesh statues and such wood to burn for the holy fire rice, flowers, incense sticks,

milk, ghee, and oil are used to help in the process.

Do they remember to use the mic?

Many pandits forget that, in addition to the five persons in the mandap, there are 200 others who are observing and trying not to fall asleep. Malgudi studio make sure your Pandit remembers to interact with the sound system, and perhaps even uses it to his or her benefit in terms of setting the tone and imparting all the interesting aspects of Indian culture.


Marriage is regarded as a sacrament in Hindu texts, with high moral and ethical values. The customs of marriage ceremonies vary depending on the community, but the objective remains the same. Its goal is to firmly link the bride and groom so that their souls and spirits become one for many generations.

The pair circle around the sacred fire, or Agni, as a witness, agreeing to support one another, share worldly belongings, raise strong and virtuous children, and always stay friends and cherish one another. The Mangalsutra, a necklace that symbolizes good luck, love, and friendship, is placed around the Bride’s neck by the Groom. The ritual unites the lives of the marriage couple from both families and reaffirms the Bride and Groom’s commitment. You simply need to book the service, sit back, and relax while we take care of the rest.

Malgudi Studio offers a staff of skilled, competent, and experienced Pandits who execute Pujas according to your culture, language, and location’s requirements. We take care of everything from booking to assigning the right Pandit, as well as supplying the best Muhurat, Puja Items, Puja Samagri, and Flowers.

By paying an advance booking amount using the ‘Pay Online’ option, you can engage a Pandit for Marriage Puja. You get a confirmed reservation by paying a booking advance. After the Puja is completed, the remaining payment must be paid to the Pandit. Please select the ‘Pay by Cash’ option if you do not have access to an online payment method. After checking the availability of pandits, your reservation will be confirmed and informed to you. After the Puja is completed, the total money due to the Pandit must be paid.