Malgudi Studio makes every effort to cover all of the wedding’s corners and angles, ensuring that you have everything captured in the albums in front of you for a lifetime. We take around a month to deliver the final data to you, and make sure to pay attention to every aspect of each photograph. We provide the best wedding photography service in Patna and make your day special forever in the memories. There is consistently a requirement for you to have a photographer that comprehends and expresses photos in the most effective manner, and Malgudi Studio can be your choice for this.

Malgudi Studio, being one of the best picture takers in the market is always ready to assimilate what customers are looking for and transmit it in the most perfect method possible. If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture your wedding moments in the most dazzling way possible, contact Malgudi Studio before your wedding dates, and we’ll make a note to pass it on to you.

Malgudi Studio has a collection of services that they provide to couples and ensure that they are satisfied with the results. This includes candid and traditional photography, as well as traditional videography and cinematography. We know exactly what you’re looking for and make sure everything goes as planned.

Why Malgudi Studio Photographers’ team gives best Wedding photography Service in Patna

With passion, pride, and perfection, Malgudi studio is a premium wedding photography and videography company. We are situated in Patna and provide professional photography services around the country. We’ve travelled with our customers, recording and documenting unforgettable moments. We have a talented staff of candid and traditional photographers ready to capture the right moment by fusing imagination and creativity into reality. Using state-of-the-art modern digital equipment and techniques, our wedding photographers have created magnificent recollections of once-in-a-lifetime moments.

We’ve also demonstrated our worth with cinematic weddings, wedding teasers/highlights, pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding films, destination weddings, outdoor shoots, puberty photography, and other services. Our immensely gifted crew meticulously assembles each frame, creating lasting memories. Because of our experience with Indian weddings, we have become the “go to” studio. Our experiences are diverse and rich, and we pride ourselves on quality and trust.



Wedding photography is more than simply a mastery of photography; it also accounts for the bride, groom, and their families’ emotions, love, happiness, and joy. When the bride and groom look back at the captured memories, it always becomes a time to cherish. The art of recording one of life’s most important occasions is always a skill that requires the best in the industry. Malgudi Studio is the most popular choice in Patna as the Best Wedding Photographer service in Patna. .


Nowadays pre-wedding videos are very popular. It is the ideal approach to reflect your pre-wedding love and bond. It expresses the depth of your love and concern for one another. Pre-wedding movies always get the bride and groom excited for their big day. Our pre-wedding video includes Love Story Videos, Romantic Song Videos, Concept Films, and Save the Date Videos. Malgudi Studio is the ideal destination in Patna for pre-wedding video shoots.  


Child Photography in India is a new type of photography that has become popular as the popularity of photography has grown. Although it needs a great deal of stamina, patience, and artistic skill, this new kind of photography may become your favourite. It’s never easy to get kids to do what you want. Even yet, a skilled Child Photographer understands how to pull poses from infantile activities. Malgudi Studio is the best child photography service in Patna, capturing your children’s sweetness in a single photograph.


One of the most crucial occasions in a woman’s life is when she becomes pregnant. Having a small child with you for nine months is both terrifying and exciting. But, above all, it is the sense of attachment and love that women experience throughout this period. Women’s dreams include capturing these priceless moments for lifetime. As a result, Malgudi Studio photography in Patna is more than just a photo shoot; it’s about capturing two spirits in one body. It is always illustrious to seize the mother’s bliss with the large tummy that contains the parents’ soul, heart, and lifeline. As a result, the biggest maternity photographer should be chosen to save your memories forever.



Matrix Studio has been providing photography services in India for decades. With years of experience and countless wedding photoshoots, Malgudi Studio is always the best choice for capturing your special moments. Malgudi Studio, with its team of top wedding photographers and videographers, captures breathtaking moments that will make you fall in love all over again. As we always attempt to maintain a close bond with our clientele, our photography work is Bright, Bold, and Beautiful. This assists us in producing a captivating photographic experience for both our clients and ourselves. Our professional crew also travels between the most of the city and the sites chosen by our clients for picture shoots. We’ve done destination shootings in well-known areas before.

Malgudi Studio excels in a variety of services such as cinematography, candid photography, wedding photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, portfolio photoshoots, maternity photoshoots, and destination photography.

Malgudi Studio was founded with the goal of providing clients with breathtaking photos that capture memories in such a way that they may be relieved by simply viewing the images. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery of the images, our production crew and photographers work together to generate photography that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We bring unique concepts and aesthetic vision to the photography business, unlike any other photography service in Patna or wedding photographers in Patna. This distinguishes us from the plethora of photographers in Patna.

From the initial consultation to the end of your journey with us, our staff provides individualized care. The staff will put you and your family at ease before taking the most spectacular images you’ll ever see.


We are Patna professional wedding photography services in Patna. For the past 15 years, we have specialized in Candid Wedding, Bridal Portraits, Couple Portraits, Pre-Wedding Shoots, and Engagement, Reception, and Wedding photography. We’re the top wedding photographers in Patna, we are one of the most well-known and reviewed wedding photographers. We’ve tried to establish ourselves as a photo studio that captures moments in a distinctive way that makes them feel fresh. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing you with candid and narrative moments that tell a tale.